Nationals ‘fired Up’ As Williams Runs 1st Workout

It’s only one day, but the consensus among players in camp is that it’s good to have a man with a plan, instead of a new manager trying to make things up on the spot. Strasburg is particularly looking forward to the bunt drill. “That’s something Max Workouts review I’ve never had an opportunity to do and would like to know, like, ‘What’s the shortstop thinking in this situation?'” Strasburg said. “That’s just baseball IQ that as being only a pitcher you kind of forget all those things.” “Especially if you mess up,” he added with a laugh, “you’ll know if it’s like, ‘Did you mess up or did somebody else mess up?'” Williams has stockpiled 41 slogans in his computer, one for each day of spring training. He joked that he was “plagiarizing” many of them and that “most of them are not that great.” For Day 1, it was: “He who holds the ball controls the game.” “I want them to have a conversation about that, and talk amongst themselves,” he said. “This is pitcher-catcher camp. It starts with the guy who holds the ball. So we can control tempo, we can control the game, if we do things properly on the mound. I want them to start that conversation.


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